Mr. McCauley has been appointed as an arbitrator in more than 200 cases in the past decade. The following is a short sample of notable Business/Commercial cases.

  • International Arbitration among British, Israeli and U.S. investors for alleged breaches of the parties’ development agreements, fiduciary duties and capital call obligations in a large eight-phase commercial real estate development project in Las Vegas.
  • Arbitration of cost allocation dispute between two large Railway Companies in Kansas City, Missouri (Panel Chair).
  • Arbitration of claim for alleged breach of a 20-year development and operating agreement between a supplier of a large “outsourced” acute psychiatric services unit and a community hospital located in Washington DC (Sole Arbitrator).
  • Arbitration of claims of misrepresentation brought by the purchaser of a private for-profit career college with several campus in Florida (Panel Chair).
  • Arbitration of a derivative claim for fraud and accounting brought by minority shareholder based on alleged patterns of unjustifiable expense allocation and fraudulent transfers among eight cosmetic manufacturing and distributions companies having partial common ownership (Sole Arbitrator).
  • Arbitration of a Claim for Securities Fraud and Improper Dilution of Shares brought by a large investor in a $50 million dollar real estate cemetery development company located in Mexico City (Sole Arbitrator).
  • Lead counsel representing minority partners in a general partnership dissolution action under the Revised Uniform Partnership Act, where the underlying assets were 1,000 acres of citrus holdings in the San Joaquin Valley of California (Lead Counsel).
  • Lead Counsel representing the American manufacturer of kidney stone lithotripters in a multi-million dollar action for breach of distributor agreement covering Europe and the Middle East (Lead Counsel).