Healthcare Law

Mr. McCauley has been appointed as an arbitrator in more than 150 cases in the past decade. The following is a short sample of notable Healthcare Law cases.

  • Arbitration of multiple cases involving claims for medical malpractice (including cases for alleged failure to diagnose cause of serious malady, allegedly needless election of risky procedure; and surgical failure)
  • Arbitration of a nine-figure claim for rescission and restitution by a major pharmaceutical company against a single product drug development company for alleged misrepresentations concerning the likelihood that a cancer-treatment drug undergoing Phase III clinical trials would obtain FDA approval (an adjudication that included analysis of statistical evidence of viability of the drug)
  • Arbitration of a $75 million claim for in breach of contract by a manufacturer of patented blood-separation devices used in blood plasma collection centers
  • Hearing Officer, Judicial Review Committee (adjudicating fairness hearing determining whether a surgeon should retain hospital privileges)
  • Lead counsel defending the former executive director of the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center in more than 90 cases filed in connection with the unauthorized embryo transfer scandal involving the UCI Center for Reproductive Health