Intellectual Property

Mr. McCauley has been appointed as an arbitrator in more than 150 cases in the past decade. The following is a short sample of notable Intellectual Property cases.

  • Arbitration of individual and derivative claims for fraud and waste involving a successful close corporation with international operations in the niche specialty of brokering of licenses to use brand names
  • Arbitration of clams for unfair competition, theft of trade secrets and interference, seeking disgorgement and injunctive relief, brought by a national insurance company against one of its high producing former brokers and that broker’s new employer
  • Arbitration of claims of breach of trade secrets and covenants not-to-compete in involving a manufacturer of a proprietary salmon oil capsule and a large national “big box” pharmacy
  • Lead appellate counsel for plaintiff in a federal action arising out of a wrongful patent infringement claim, involving an invention used to secure windows in commercial buildings, S. Aluminum/Texas v. Alumax Inc. 831 F. 2nd 878 (9th Cir. 1987)
  • Lead counsel representing a developer of ophthalmic dispenser inventions in a breach of license agreement arbitration brought by a major pharmaceutical company
  • Mediator, copyright dispute pertaining to design patterns used by a textile manufacture
  • Mediator, patent know-how license agreement dispute involving the radioactive “seeds” used in treatment of prostate cancer